Recipe Recomendation Thursday: Single Serve Jumbo Cookie

Now I know that it looks like I’m only posting sweet recipes. I promise you I’m not. I posted a savoury one last week for honey buffalo chicken sliders from Recipe Tin Eats, one of my favourite blogs for savoury recipes. 

  Unfortunatly that post has somehow fallen off the blog and vanished. Suffice it to say this is an excellent, easy, slow cooked recipe which was equally as good when stirred through pasta with a bit of Parmesan. Yum!
Anyway, today’s recipe recomendation is a whole lot more last minute. For when you just need a cookie. And oh boy are these cookies good. You can make them with ‘healthier’ ingredients or not; I’ve tried both versions (though used plain flour, not almond flour for both) and they were equally delicious. 


I promise they didnt look this aneamic in real life!
When warm out of the oven these babies are gooey and crumbly and gorgeous. They are similarly wonderful when cold. Cafedelites has turned up trumps with this single serving recipe which is quick, easy, cheep and delicious. The Boyfriend and I made them two days in a row…

Note: do sprinkle the sea salt over the cookies at the end of cooking, it makes all the difference! 



I am a sucker for comfort food, and potstickers are the perfect comfort food; flavoursome, meaty little dumplings that can be steamed, fried, boiled or (according to my local takeaway) grilled, you can choose the blanket of loveliness that you’ll  wrap your tummy in.

I use this recipe, and have done many times. You can play about with it a bit and it never fails. (I’ve only made the pork one, can’t afford shrimp!)
For the love of good food, please find a spare hour or so to make these, the recipe makes loads, so you can freeze any extra for another day.
My cupboards were fairly bare when I made these, so I improvised my dipping sauce with Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar, Soft Brown Sugar and Reduced Salt Soy Sauce, all to taste. (Just dip a spoon in and adjust till you think “yum!”)