I am a sucker for comfort food, and potstickers are the perfect comfort food; flavoursome, meaty little dumplings that can be steamed, fried, boiled or (according to my local takeaway) grilled, you can choose the blanket of loveliness that you’ll  wrap your tummy in.

I use this recipe, and have done many times. You can play about with it a bit and it never fails. (I’ve only made the pork one, can’t afford shrimp!)
For the love of good food, please find a spare hour or so to make these, the recipe makes loads, so you can freeze any extra for another day.
My cupboards were fairly bare when I made these, so I improvised my dipping sauce with Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar, Soft Brown Sugar and Reduced Salt Soy Sauce, all to taste. (Just dip a spoon in and adjust till you think “yum!”)