My love of growing undoubtedly stems from my love of food and cooking. When stressed I am almost guarentied to be found in the kitchen cooking something ‘long and slow’, taking out my frustrations with each stir of the woodenspoon, glowering angrily into the bubbly depths of the dish. Likewise I find breadmaking theraputic; that angry satisfaction of pummeling the dough into the countertop over and over until it gives up on resistance and forms that silky smoothness gives me great satisfaction after  hard days work.

I love flavour, and the Supermarket regularly fails to deliver this in its fresh goods, be they meat, fruit or veg, so growing my own seems the only way to ensure maximum flavour and nutrition. Additionally I love cooking strange and unnusual food and dishes, which are often unbuyable through lack of availability or sky-high price, so once again, I must grow my own. For example my grandmother regularly gave us a bottle of rasberry vinager, made with the ‘not quite good enough to eat’ rasberries from the garden. This undoubtedly cost the few pennies for cheep vinegar and sugar to make, and tasted heavenly in salads with a little olive oil. Having found some in the shops recently I eagerly made to snatch it off the shelves, before promptly returning it upon noticing the £3 price tag and minute bottle. Why must tasty, cheep food be sold so expensivley? It makes no sense to me, so in protest I’m growing my own, and hopefully will have enough surplus one day to supply family and friends with such ‘luxuries’ too.

Over the course of time I will update this blog with recipes from the garden. Tried and tested and tasty. Select ‘Recipes’ from the drop-down catagories menu to find them.


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