Pizza Oven

The Boyfriend is obsessed with pizza, and regularly orders one as a treat. Whilst tasty, the sheer thought of what might be lurking in that takeaway pizza disconcerted me, and I knew I could make tasty pizza at home for a fraction of the cost.

For a long time now I have been interested in Cob structures; houses, ovens, benches, you name it. Neither of us drink to any great extent and we were getting frustrated that often the only social situations acceptable for young people these days seem to rely heavily on alcoholic beverages. We want to create a productive focal point in the house which will justify having people over for something other than ‘a drink’. Dont get me wrong, we’ll both happily have a drink on occasion; it’s the drinking ‘culture’ that unsettles us. We’re choosing to offer an alternative social event, more unnusual than the traditional coal barbeque; a pizza oven.

There’s a shady spot in a corner of the garden which I had earmarked for change some time ago. It struck me as the perfect spot to place the oven.

So far we’ve layed the foundations, and in the following months will build the remainder.

We’re building this oven completley from scratch, and due to our location are having to buy in every last material to build the oven project, so I’m hoping that our experiences will eventually provide a ‘worst case scenareo’ pricing guide for others hoping to embark on similar projects.

Check back to see how it goes, and at the conclusion of the project I’ll include a pricing of it.


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