Recipe Recommendation Thursday – Caribbean Chicken Curry with Fried Dumplings.

Once upon a time this recipe was a diet recipe. 

The Hairy Dieters Caribbean Chicken Curry is a low calorie delight. It has everything you want from a Caribbean curry. It’s bright, it’s spicy, it’s a tad sweet, it’s full of flavour and it’s delicious. This is one of our all time favourite meals, we love it! Chuck a double portioned pot on the stove and it freezes like a charm saving you time on your next busy day. I would defiantly recommend that you try this recipe! (P.s. We make this with sweet potato, pumpkin is too much of a faff!)

The Hairy Dieters Books have been a godsend in our household where good food and good health go hand in ha and. Every recipe we’ve made to date has been gorgeous and we love that we can still enjoy good tasty food whilst slimming.

This recipe for fried dumplings (Johnny cakes) on the other hand is less diet friendly, but the crispy, doughy, fried pillows of ‘oomph’ more than make up for any dietary shortcomings. When The Boyfriend and I are trying to slim down we don’t deny ourselves these beauties, but do stick to one each; and boy do we savour it!

In a food processor the dough is a doddle to make and they fry up with ease. My only tip would be to toss a pea sized piece of dough into the oil to test its hot enough. If it fizzes and turns brown in just under a minute, the oil is ready. 

The recipe comes from the cook like a Jamaican blog, which I often turn to authentic recipes to remind me of the Jamaican family that once took me under their wing and taught me to love Jamaican food!



The meal is perfectly rounded out with this coleslaw. It’s not mayonaisy like some recipes, or sickly or overly vinegary. This recipe is bright, fresh and the perfect balance of sweet and sour. It marries up perfectly with this meal providing an important lick of cool freshness and crunch. 

I’d urge you to try at least one of these recipes, they are all fantastic. But if you can make all three, defiantly do it. I’m drooling at the thought.
What’s your favourite Caribbean dish?


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