Recipe Recomendation (Not Quite Thursday) – Best Pizza Base Ever!

Hello my lovelies! I sincerely hope that your part of the world is less soggy then mine at present. Seedlings are drowning in the garden as we speak and digging my allotment is like digging glue. Aaaaand I have a cold. I am not a happy camper. 

On a more positive note I have ordered my allotment fencing (yay!), more on that soon. 

In the meantime you simply MUST check out this recipe! It comes from the mystical Serious Eats Food Lab (a source of reference for me on a regular basis) and is The Boyfriends’ most coveted meal. I am off course talking about pizza.

This pizza base recipe is divine! Soft, fluffy, chewy and gorgeous. It can be aged for up to five days for maximum flavour, but I confess to often just shoving it in front of a radiator for an hour or so when short on time. It’s still delicious. 


scuse the ash!

As you can see you don’t get as much colouration with a shorter rise time. 
The ingredients list couldn’t be simpler and the short kneeding time makes this a definite win in my books!

Cheep, cheerful and full off flavour you simply must try this with your favourite toppings! (Homemade oven optional).

Serious Eats New York Pizza Dough Recipe

Let me know how you get on! 
GG xx


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