Clench Your Bottom Muscles…

Really hard. Now hold it for 24 hours. It hurts, doesn’t it? That’s the pain I’m currently experiencing having been diagnosed with a somewhat unflattering ‘clenched bottom muscle’. 

You couldn’t write it. Nor could you write the look on my doctors face when I asked her if I could still dig my allotment. “It’s time to plant my seeds you see”. 

“So long as you don’t overdo it.” She replied.
I dug bed number 4 yesterday, and as the pain drifted down my leg and into my foot I contemplated the fact that this is probably what she meant when she said don’t overdo it…. 

Oh well, I’m too busy to work on it this week so hopefully my muscles will have calmed down by next weekend.
How do your gardens grow?
GG xx


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