Recipe Recomentations Thursday: Banana choc chip cupcakes with chocolate and peanut butter swirled frosting

I thought I’d start off this post series which a recipe that really needs no introduction other than its title… 

Make these, love these, savour them.

And fear not all you bake-fobes the boyfriend has never made cupcakes before and he made and iced these all by himself as his first attempt!

These cupcakes are divine, the frosting is delicious and the recipe makes 18, so plenty to share. (Ha!)

On the cost front the peanut butter is rather expensive, but it’s still cheaper (and tastier) then buying from the shops!

Washing up was slightly more than for an average baking recipe due to the extra icing, but it wasn’t difficult to do as we went along.

If you fancy something sweet – but not overwhelmingly so- this weekend, make these!

Banana chocolate chip cupcakes with peanut and milk chocolate frosting from Sally’s Baking Adddiction


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