The Best Layed Plans…

 Never quite work out…

At least, not in my experience. 
I had  fabulous plans for this weekend. The clay for the oven would arrive, I would materialise sand from a destination as yet unknown, the first layer of the pizza oven would commence and I’d outwit time herself to concurrently implement the raised beds, tidy the garden and earn my Superwoman stripes. 
Then the clay got locked into the post depot, and I was pretty sure the world had decided to conspire against me. (Yes, I was feeling. Little melodramatic this week).

This turned out to be a blessing. With a day and a half to work, we just managed to finish two raised beds, tidying the garden as we went by way of dumping all organic matter into the base of the beds. In went the shrubs I chopped down a few weeks ago, in went the fallen leaves, in went the cardboard, and paper, and compost. Phew! We worked darn hard! The beds were then topped off with a mix of compost, horticultural  grit, manure and topsoil, followed by a fine sprinkling of compost to lock in moisture.
Last but not least I re-planted my rhubarb (can’t remember the variety for the life of me!) and Finally was able to plant out a raspberry, the Japanese wineberry, two of the walking onions, a ransom, the daylilly ‘Stella d’oro’, and one experimentally autumn planted potato onion.

I am so SO happy! The edible perennial garden is finally coming together!!

I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend.
GG x


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