A few posts ago I unwrapped my Poyntzfield Herb Nursery order with you, and you may recall that even I couldn’t remember why Id bought an Udo plant! (Whoops.)
You see, the thing is, I have a habit… Not a drugs habit or anything like that; I have an edible plant habit. 

There. I said it.

If I get so much as a sniff of a new edible I may be able to grow, then anyone hoping to share any of my attention with the search for said plant is hoping in vain. I am obsessed. And I seriously need to start recording my findings better, because this feverish search banishes all other thoughts from my mind; including the plant before.

Therefore I had to repeat my search for Udo recently to bring you the following findings:
Udo is a shade loving perennial, growing to about a meter high and wide, (though some sources say up to two meters high). It is the shoots of Udo which may be eaten, peeled and raw or briefly blanched or stir fried. The flavour is often described as lemony. 
I’d love to get you a picture of Udo in its full glory, but it shall have to wait as it is currently dying back for winter and not exactly looking it’s best… However there is a top secret project currently underway, which I hope to reveal next year, in which I hope Udo will partake. 
I wish you the best of weekends in your gardens,
GG x


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