Spiced Plum Sauce

I made this delicious plum sauce over the weekend to accompany a roast dinner. This would be fantastic, I think, with any rich meat such as duck or goose, but the spiced tartness cut equally well across the flavour of roast chicken and veg.

Now is the time to head out to pick wild plums if you have five minutes spare. The bush I picked my handful of plums from was almost like a steroid-spiked sloe, but any plums will do, preferably on the tarter side. 

Just cover the base of a saucepan with water and add in a handful or so of plums. Heat on high for a few minutes till the skins split. 

Pass the plums through a sieve back into the pan. Add to the plum purée one tsp of cinnamon, two cloves, a bay leaf, one tbsp of dark muscovado sugar, one tbsp of light brown soft sugar and return to a simmer for a minute or two, stirring. Remove from the heat and serve. (Don’t forget to catch the cloves and bay) 
I, for one, will be freezing more plums to cook on Christmas Day with my roast.
I hope you’re having a great week,


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