Today I had grand plans for posting my first recipe – czech mince stuffed peppers -adapted from a blog Id stumbled across a few weeks ago. 

I had earmarked the three beautiful peppers from Dads polytunnel for this recipe and gleefully anticipated it, one of my many favourites my grandmother makes.

I prepared the ingredients, taking care to quarter the amounts in the recipe.

Then I judiciously stuffed the peppers, neither overstuffing nor understuffing:

I rammed them into the pan (so they don’t flip) and popped the lids on. They looked adorable. I was delighted.

Then for a brief boil followed by two hours of simmering. The smell that permeated my teeny tiny flat tantalised my taste buds.

When my alarm rang to signal the end of cooking time I zoomed downstairs and ladled a pepper into my bowl, drooling with anticipation. 

Then I took a bite. Ow! Waaaay too hot. I pottered for a minute or so before returning for round two. Ding Ding! It didn’t look like the peppers my grandmother makes, the inside was darker then usual, but I pressed on, trying to ignor the slightly weird smell floating to greet my nostrils. The second bite was not as hot as the first, but it was not as tasty as if anticipated either. I tried again, surely I’d just tasted wrong. Nope. Defiantly not an appealing taste. I tasted the skin alone; maybe the peppers had something wrong with them? The pepper skins were melting and delicious. I tried the meat – surely the meat couldn’t taste bad! -But it did. It was vile. I tried a bite with toast and even THAT didn’t improve the flavour.
In the end I had a piece of toast. 😦

So no yummy recipe, no cheerful blog post. Gutted.
Tomorrow I’m making sloe gin. You simply can’t go wrong with fruity alcohol. Shame I’ll have to wait till Christmas to drown my sorrows.


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