So, the garden is grinding slowly but surely to a halt; the raspberries are done (two of them mysteriously withered and died), the spinach and lettuce bolted a while back, and the broad beans gave us a handful of pods before bowing out. At least they did better than the runner beans which still have as yet to flower (I’m not holding my breath). The kale, devoid of protection, was ravaged by caterpillars and having salvaged what we could the rest has been relinquished with sadness and heavy hearts to Mother Nature, long may she live.

The good news is we’ve learnt a hell of a lot! I’ve learnt that our soil, despite a layer of compost, sucks. I’m thinking this is in part due to said compost being the bagged type and am hoping that the garden compost for next year will be a lot more nutritious. So soil building is needed.

I have learnt that brassicas need netting, even when you live in the sub-urbs. (Shame)

I’ve learnt that the left hand wall as you look out the house is the shadiest site on the garden, and that the one boarder we didn’t rip out to make way for veg is the sunniest and least productive. (Sigh)

I learnt that drainage holes are needed in pots or your sunflowers will drown.

Lastly I learnt that Slugs. Are. The. Enemy! I felt fairly laid back on the matter until they raised my entire line of lovingly raised runner beans to the ground, chomped through most of my lettuces, devoured my ripest strawberry and turned my pea plants to tatters. It’s war.
In other news I’m working on some pretty exciting projects in the garden right now, and I can’t wait to tell you about those soon!


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