Aaaall byyyy my seeeelf…

I have spent this weekend on my lonesome. Therefore I have not been to see The Boyfriend, nor the Fourth Farthing. Very sad times. Instead I visited my parents for a much needed rest, and jealously eyed their poly tunnel. One day I shall own one! – I hope.

However, the week has not been wasted. On Saturday I whipped up a no-kneed bread for my parents, and bought them a pretty Rosemary tree in exchange for a pair of Courgette seeds, the last of the Beetroot, and six Rasberry canes to add to the Farthing next weekend.

I am more than a little pleased with this week’s bounty.

The Boyfriend meanwhile has not been idle; yesterday he sent me a video of the Broad Beans, all bravely showing their  green faces , ready to be potted on, and the Pak Choi of which over half germinated! A few pioneering Spinach and Lambs Lettuce have also decided to raise their heads above the ground and see what is going on. On the other hand, the Physalis remain stubbornly dormant. I’m hoping a little extra heat and less watering will wake them up and get them to join the party.

Today The Boyfriend sent me this photo:

He has begun learning how to knit from his mother; a skill he dropped altogether at the age of seven. He inspires me so much, proving that there is no such thing as ‘can’t’; only ‘haven’t had enough practice… Yet.’

I find it incredible that three weeks ago we had no garden, very few DIY skills, and made next to nothing (except potstickers and tortillas -yum!-) from scratch. Now we have vegetables, fruit and herbs growing, The Boyfriend can’t seem to get enough of making bread, he’s learning to knit and trying to teach himself a little basic woodwork (any help or woodwork related super-beginner ideas much appreciated), whilst I brush off my somewhat primitive crochet skills, and stare in awe at what we have created in such a short period of time. I’ve never been happier, anyone really can become just a little more self sufficient. We are the ultimate beginners; but we’re eager, ready to try anything we can turn our hand to and give it a go. I can’t wait to see what we do.


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