Root Balls

This weekend a plant I have wanted to grow since the thought of growing ever occured to me arrived.

Three arrived, to be precise.


I ADORE Blueberries, as does The Boyfriend. High in antioxidants and vitamin C, and super tasty on breakfast yoghurt; what’s not to love??

As The Fourth Farthing – as we officially named the garden during a ceremony which involved prancing around it in the dark in our PJ’s, wafting sparklers and feeling generally satisfied with life- doesnt have acidic soil, we had to buy eraceous compost (basically, acid compost for tea plants and blueberries).

Blueberries and plant paraphenalia
22.02.15 10322.02.15 105 Blueberries and plant paraphenalia

*Tip: We found that a big bag of compost found in the outdoors section of B&Q was about 3 x cheeper than buying the same quantity of compost in mini-bags from the indoor section.

We then bought plastic pots a few sizes larger than the pots the Blueberries arrived in, filled the bottom with horticultural grit to improve drainage, added compost, a blueberry plant and water, the sat back and did some back-patting at a good evening’s work… At this point I must make a confession (and ask some advice). I was so excited to be potting up the blueberries that I forgot to prise the roots out of their pot-shapedness. I’m hoping that they will still be okay and that I havnt damaged them; does anyone know if I should un-repot them and start again, or will they survive?

The Blueberries were then given their perenial plant privelige – names – Faith, Hope and Charity, and the luxury of a night in the kitchen before being placed outside to fend for themselves alongside Jon Snow, the Rosemary plant, who will also be potted on in due course.

We finished what was a very planty evening by sowing three small pots with Physallis seeds, and a pot each of Lambs Lettuce and Spinach.

I’m a very happy Girlfriend Gardener.


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