Getting Growing

Last week The Boyfriend and I took the plunge and started our garden. We’ve hailed it ‘The Begining of the Self Sufficiency Mindset’, thinking more for opportunities to make and grow our own.

We began last week by planting our first seeds: Broad Beans, Pak Choi and Basil (aka ‘Hank’).

22.02.15 003 22.02.15 004     22.02.15 016  22.02.15 01422.02.15 022 22.02.15 018 22.02.15 019

As far as I can tell, planting seeds seems much like following a recipe.

First add ‘Seed Sowing Compost’.

Next add seeds (Just a sprinkle, or you’ll be thinning out half that packet which you just payed for).

Finally add another dash of compost and water lightly to wake up your seeds. Pop on a windowsill and wait…. and wait….. and wait…. and….

Is that a…. Plant?!

22.02.15 142

THE PAK CHOI LIVE!!!!! The Boyfriend was so excited at the sight of baby plants I thought he was going to pass out. It’s such a primal, simple joy to watch a seed become a baby plant. It’s almost magical how that tiny black blob becomes a little green wavey stem which is alive and wonderful. I feel so lucky to be able to experience it.

Hank the Basil finally opened a bleary leaf and took a peak at sunlight this morning, and I can see a little white speck of Broad Bean poking through the compost. Hopefully during the next week these will emerge fully and join the fun. We’re so excited to meet them properly!

The Boyfriend and I were discussing today how he had never given plants and gardening a second thought before. He hadn’t seen the point. However, we both ADORE good food, – and I feel that good food may sneek its way into this blog shortly. – and once I pointed out that some of those super-tasty, super-expensive veg could be grown for less money, more pleasure and a greater sense of achievement he was ready to try anything to be able to walk to his car in the morning, ready for work, and just pluck a couple of Blueberries off the bush en-route.

We are so excited to become more self sufficient, even in a small way; to claw back some of life’s great pleasures, which have been hogged by supermarkets and a busy lifestyle for too long.


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