I am The Girlfriend. The Boyfriend recently allocated me a portion of his suburban garden to cultivate as my own.

So Today, Valentines Day, The Boyfriend and I made our first shakey steps on this new adventure. My plan is to grow food plants, to help reduce the food bill and make the garden a more integral part of the home as provider of our food. With this -and the chilly English environment- in mind we entered Homebase, still a little unsure of what we wanted, and made our first seed purchases. We bought ‘TomThumb’ Lettuce, Perpetual Spinach, ‘The Sutton’ Dwarf Broad Beans, ‘F1 Green Revolution’ Pak Choi and ‘Nero di Toscana’ Kale. The main reasoning behind choosing these particular plants and varieties being,

A) They’re less labour intensive and susceptible to disease as Tomatoes, for example.

B) They tend to be expensive to buy from the supermarket.

C) They’re the kinds of foods The Boyfriend and I eat a lot of and enjoy.

We were on our way to checkout, seed propergator in hand, when we realised this joyous occasion – our first Valentines Day together – should be marked by something special. Why not a tree?

We headed to the tree section, but somehow none of the fruit trees there seemed right. There were apples, pears, plums, and cherries; but none of them were quite right. We resigned ourselves to the idea of ordering a trio of Blueberries when we got home. We picked up a little Rosemary en-route the checkout, but it wasn’t the same. And then The Boyfriend spotted it…

Tiny globes of gold sitting in cheerful clusters agains a glossy background of dark green leaves, standing less then a foot above the lip of its terracota pot…

“What about one of those?”

“Oooh, I’m not sure. I’ve never had a citrus plant before.”

“But it’s so cute. Can you eat them?”

“Well yes, but…. oh go on then. I’ve always secretly wanted one.”

And so it was, that we bought home Rufus, our Calamondin Lime. The2015-02-14 Feb 2 2015 018 best Valentines gift ever. We love him.

I’m so excited to plan and prepare for the crops to come, and to learn from my fellow Bloggers, Pinners and Plant Enthusiasts as I embark on this new journey.


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